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Alexis North | Loners | Alive by PrimalInstincts
Alexis North | Loners | Alive
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Garrett Kyler | Mercenary Leader | Alive
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Dr. Abigail Ashwood | Townie | Alive
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Zachary Miller | Brainiac| Alive
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Lord Greystone Plot, Plans and Drama Journal!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 9:34 PM

Lord Greystone | Stag | Glenmore Royal by PrimalInstincts

 Lord Greystone

Lord Greystone (Of just Greyson) is my first and only current adult lord!! :la:
I have a few plans in mind for him so far but really his life and book is an open slate!! Which, to me, is the most exciting thing x3 If you're here, you're clearly interested in, maybe, having a part to play in this handsome boys life. :D

Initial Plans
  Greyson is 10 turning 11 this year!! He's starting to enter his prime and has the weight of his family name baring down on his shoulders. His father surrendered he family glade to him and so his father legacy now rests with him (as his elder brother renounced his title)!! So, the most present thing on his mind (at least until the end of December and it's late XD)
Starting a Harem

Greyson is a stat newb however so fighting for does won't be in his bag of tricks...this year ;D However he  might be willing to give his loving tidbits to willing does just to see if he can sire offspring. He prefers Royal does but since this is his first year SERIOUSLY looking...

*  To Commoner Does * 
Greyson would/will be willing to sire offspring to commoners but won't claim them until he sees the after their birth. He won't claim them unless they are appropriate colors for their gender. He may, however, be otherwise swayed if the doe meets his particular... "interests" or offers something long term to his family and glade.

Hiring Staffers
In order to have a happy glade and large harem Greyson knows that he needs servants and helpers! He is looking for the following specialists to work for him:
  1. Herbalists
  2. Hoofmaidens
  3. Butlers
  4. Guards
  5. *  Any character willing to fill these positions can be PROMISED rps with Greryson to enhance the necessary stats to make them proficient in these fields! I'm eager to get this bad boy rolling and I feel like if your character is being tied to mine, I want to do everything I can to make them excellent at their job! Greyson has very basic stats at the moment so everyone will be helping the other ^_^ * 

Initial Plans
  Long term there are a few things I would love for my boy but I understand that it may be a long term process to get these things. This part of the journal is more permanent and will be updated as things progress. ^_^

Princess Betrothal

    - Obviously, it would be killer for Greyson to get a lovely Pron of his own x3 However he knows as well as anyone that prons are very rare and reserved for the most privileged of lords. Obviously a Pron who would understand his....private life would be best, plus I think she would be most happy too! A submissive, understand stag at home but the perfect political partner in public. How could you say no? :eyes:

Potential Betrothals: None

Long Term, Permanent Harem:

  - Pron's are rare and sometimes take time to line up. In the meantime Greyson will be on his own and very much open to sharing his...personal preferences with another doe. A royal doe(s) who understand his mind and are willing to stay by him in the long run would be amazing. Greyson is, at his core, a very loyal, tender and intimate stag. He longs to have a relationship like that of his mother and father which was very warm and positive. Keep in mind however that he won't open up quickly. No one knows about his submissive preferences yet and he won't let that secret go easily as it would RUIN his reputation.

Permanent Harem Members: None

Temporary "Harem" Members:

    - Greyson is actually a super sweet guy. He understands, better than anyone right now, how scary it can be to have the expectations of royal life suddenly hit you like the falling the of the Great Oak. Young Royal hinds seeking 'shelter' from pushy stags or simply wanting to see what a harem lifestyle may be like are more than welcome to live with Greyson! No baby promises needed, just a pretty face, good manners and the willingness to make some appearances with him. Scratch his back and he'll help your girl out without expecting anything from her! ^_^ Again, he's a closet softy for sures :giggle:

Temporary Harem Members: None

Wards or Young Lord Students:

    - Greyson, while pretty young himself, is also willing to tutor and school other young colts. Politics can be tricky and should a young colt find himself without a father or a father who is too busy to show him the ropes, Greyson is there to help!! Lessons can include basic sparring techniques, etiquette lessons and insider info on other lords and ladies. Wards will also be introduced to Greysons other lord friends to help them make some political connections early!

Current Wards: None

Stat Training

  - Obviously Greyson is a stat NNEWWBB Blinking meme
He needs help big time in becoming a big, hunky, chunky lord of muscle and magical MIGHT! Goku SSJ
So!! Anyone who wants to help him earn stats or be schooled by him (eventually XD) PLEASE let me knnoowww. A lot of the lords in GM are pretty impressive guys so he has some serious competition.

Plots and DRAMA!!!

  Nothing much to go here...yet XDD The biggest thing hanging over Greyson's head is his submissive secret. Obviously this getting out would be absolutely devastating to the young lord.  I would prefer this NOT get out though if a doe were to start running her mouth I'm sure she could be bribed or...convinced to shut up. After all, does don't know of which they speak right? XD

  If you guys have any great ideas, plots or drama's you think Greyson would fit into let me know ANY time! I'm eager to get him involved in the group and herd so hit me up with a note or comment anytime


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Rare coat colors and markings are also unlocked though rare eye colors remain locked.

This is the only way to get a foundation AC horse. Imports are otherwise frozen permanently.

Mutations (If desired):
Natural Assassin Horse Customs
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(This does not enclude mutations like Warpaint, First Civ, Eagle Insight or Dueling Spurs )

This is the only way to get a foundation AC horse. Imports are otherwise frozen permanently.

Preferred Gender:
Fixed Variable:
Custom Natural Cathaoir Imports
Want a Custom Cathaoir? No problem!! Just fill out the following form and send it to me! At the moment I am only allowed to make you guys naturals but I have a Dom Eldorado stud and Grim carrier stud as well.


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