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Alexis, Garrett and Lydia Questionare

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 26, 2015, 6:58 PM

Journal Entry: Alexis, Garrett and Lydia Questionare

1. OC Name: Alexis North, Garrett Kyler, and Lydia
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag five people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.


1.What is your name ?
Alexis North
Garrett Kyler
Dúlindwen (Or Lydia)

2.Do you know why you were named that ?
Alexis: I assume my mom liked the name?
Garrett: Parents picked it. whoever they were.
Lydia: I was named by my mother and it translates, in english, to blessed.

3. Are you single or taken ?
Alexis: Very much taken, happily so. <3 Warren!
Garrett: Pft, no.. >>
Lydia: I am not committed to anyone at the moment no. I believe that means I'm single.
4. Any Abilities or powers ?
Alexis: Not powers but I'm a descent horseback rider and archer ^_^
Garrett: Pft yeah, I'll shoot you damn head off from a mile away. Wanna see?
Lydia: Many of the eldar are gifted but I don't wish to brag about that.

6. What is your eye color ?
Alexis: Blue!
Garrett: Brown   
Lydia: Night

7. How about your hair color ?
Alexis: RED BABEH! >D
Garrett: Also brown >>
Lydia: Silver

8. Have you got any family members ?
Alexis: Well my mother has since passed and she was my only human relation. I still have all my animals though and Warren of course.
Garrett: F@#& No
Lydia: Yes. My mother and father still reside in Alderann

9. oh ? How about pets ?
Alexis: Friesian spot horse and a lovely Raven
Garrett: I've got Brutus but he's not a pet, he's a friend.
Lydia: Yrodu and Adda

10. That's cool , I guess. Now tell me something you don't like ?
Alexis: Worms. @_@ I mean like...internal parasites. I can stomach a lot of things but those? Hhheelll no. I'd rather die on the spot. Lampreys also creep me out >>
Garrett: Random people who has me questions. :sarcasm:
Lydia: The oppression of the innocent.

11. Do you have any activities/ Hobbies you like to do ?
Alexis: I had a lot before the world went to shit. Most have turned into survival skills now. Archery for one.
Garrett: Your mom
Lydia: I haven't the time for silly things like that.

12. Have you hurt anyone in anyway before ?
Alexis: I think so, never on purpose though.
Garrett: Tch, yeah. I'm about to again if you don't cram it.
Lydia: Yes though most incidents were in defense or well justified I assure you.

13. Ever..Killed anyone before ?
Alexis: Yes...I don't look on that with pride though. I had to!
Garrett: *ignores*
Lydia: Yes. Unfortunately those who can not be reasoned with sometimes must leave this world.

14. What kind of animal are you ?
Alexis: A RAVEN! :dummy: It's my spirit totem. :nod:
Garrett: .......seriously. I dunno. A pink F#$%ing elephant.
I'd like to think I'm like my Stryx. Wise, powerful but not lacking in mercy.

15. Name your worst habits ?
Alexis: I tend to jump to the worse possible outcome or possibility imaginable in a situation. I don't really stop and think of the in betweens. I guess because I don't like being caught off guard and I'd rather brace for the worst thing possible rather than be startled.
Garrett: I don't have any. I'm freaking perfect.
Lydia: I've been told I 'overwork' myself and don't 'relax' enough. I think that's rubbish personally.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all ?
Alexis: Warren of course. He's better at keeping his head in some situations than I am. >< Raiden too. He's always so level headed.
Garrett: Pft no.....well fine. I kinda...look up to Nora a little. She keeps my ass in line and I know that's not easy.
Lydia: Of course, there are many great people. Some have passed on and others still live. There are too many to name here.

17. Are you Gay , Straight, or Bisexual ?
Alexis: Straight...thought that would have been cleared up earlier...
Garrett: Pft. The hell do you think!? Straight you prick.
Lydia: I suppose by your standards I would be considered straight.

18. Do you go to school ?
Alexis: I did once. Graduated with a BS in Biology (And no that does not mean bullshit ; P )
Garrett: Yeah, it sucked. Hated it. Community college was okay...
Lydia: Oh yes. Many, MANY years ago >>

19. Ever wanna get married and have kids ?
Alexis: Married? Oh yeah, sure. What girl hasn't? But like that's ever going to happen. XD It took the end of the world to even get a real bf :lmao: But kids...I like them but I don't think I'd want any of my own. Especially not now.
Garrett: ....are you getting paid to ask me stupid questions?
Lydia: Oh yes. I would still love to though my work keeps me from these things.

20. Do you have any fangirls / fanboys ?
 Alexis: I don't think so? But I'll be Warrens 'fangirl' any day ;D
Garrett: >3 Oh yeah, I'm sure the path of broken hearts I've left is ten miles long. They all still want me though.
Lydia: A what?

21. What are you most afraid of ?
Alexis: Losing those I love. I can't stand the thought of living in this world alone anymore ><
Garrett: Well the world has ended and I'm still alive...I guess it would blow if I gotten eaten by one of those rotters.
Lydia: It's not in my nature to fear anything...

22. What do you usually wear ?
Alexis: Whatever isn't too beaten or torn up. I don't want to go around naked after all XDD (Unless Warren is there to cover me ; D)
Garrett: Jeans, shirts, boots and my hat. Always my hat....stop looking at it >|
Lydia: Depends on the task for the day. I have many outfits in my attire.

23. What's one food that tempts you ?
Alexis: Cheeseburgers *_* I still joke with Warren that he owes me a real one.
Garrett: Sirloin steak and an ice cold beer. Damn...   
Lydia: There are a few foods from my homeland I miss. I don't think you would know of them though.

24. Am I annoying you ?
Alexis: Well I mean...not really. You're really snoopy though. Who are you again?
Garrett: Is your face going to hurt after I punch you?
Lydia: I do have other things to tend to...are you done?

25. Well, it's not over yet !
Alexis: *Ssiiighhhh*
Garrett: GOD DAMN IT! *table flip*
Lydia: ....then why did you ask if you were annoying me? You should have just moved on.

26. What class are you? Low class, Middle class, or High class ?
Alexis: I was considered middle before the Apocalypse hit I believe
Garrett: Best class
Lydia: I don't categorize myself in this way...I don't think I understand?

27. How many friends do you have ?
Alexis: 2 really close ones that are human ^_^ Warren of course and I'd like to through Raiden into that mix.
Garrett: Friends are for pussies. I have people I trust and that list is short.
Lydia: Of course I do. What sort of question is that?

28. Any thoughts on pie ?
Alexis: It smells nice I suppose but I never really liked it to be honest ^^;
Garrett: Which kind ya' talking about :eyes:
Lydia: Some are alright yes. I find most from earth are far too sweet though.

30. Favorite drink ?
Alexis: Dr. Pepper course... >> .... <<.... And Mr. Pibb. SHHH Don't tell Warren!
Garrett: Cherry Choke...I mean coke :stare:
  Again...things from my home world...though the Tea in Skybridge is quiet delightful.

31.What's your favorite place ?
Alexis: Well it WAS the treehouse by in Copperhead but...hopefully we can build another!
Garrett: My own head...
Soaring in the sky. I'm getting better you know. I don't get AS sick anymore when things get rough.

32. Are you interested in anyone ?
Alexis: Warren, duh. Geesh how many times are you going to ask relationship stuff?
Garrett: Um...yes. I'm not a prude.
Lydia: Not...well....I don't know. There was someone back home but that was so long ago...

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size ?
Alexis: .....not that it's anyone's damn business (but Warrens) but I wear a 36 C thanks...
Garrett: ..... STFU
Lydia: I...pardon? I am female...

34. Would you rather swim in a ocean or a lake ?
Alexis: OCEAN! : D Salt water is the BEST
Garrett: Neither. There are bitey things in there.
Lydia: I rather like the sea, it's so peaceful...but then lakes came sometimes have streams and waterfalls... Oh Streams! Is that an option?

35. What's your type ?
Alexis: Someone who is honest, loyal, caring...someone who doesn't lie. That's a biggie and doesn't smoke or anything. I'm allergic but it's just gross XP
Garrett: ....I fail to see why this is important to you,
Lydia: That's a bit personal don't you think?

36. Any fetishes ?
Alexis: ..... >> ......I think that's something Warren and I need to discuss but off the top of my head no...
Garrett: Oh sweetie...i don't think you can handle my answer. Sweet of you to ask though.
Again. None of your business.

37. Seme or Uke ?
Alexis: Er...I know that's Japanese and it's something sexual again right?
Garrett: Bless you? I think you just sneezed...
Lydia: ........ Nope.

38. Camping or indoors ?
Alexis: I was pretty 50-50 before all this..but I kinda live outside now so...XD
Garrett: Camping. Though I was a pretty damn good gamer before all this.
Lydia: By camping do you mean the outside? I prefer that yes.

39. Are you still waiting for this quiz to end ?
Alexis: Please tell me you're done? No more fake outs please!?
Garrett: *walks out of room*
Lydia: ...Yes.

40. Tag 5 other people.


And anyone else who wants to give this a go XD

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*Super* Assassin Horse Imports
Assassin Horse Mutation- First Civilization Affect by PrimalInstincts
Assasin Horse Mutation- Eagle vision Insight by PrimalInstincts
Assassin Horse Mutation- Dueling Spurs by PrimalInstincts
Assasin Horse Import: 2013 Special Import #3 by PrimalInstincts
This import entitles your to a Totally custom AC horse! Requester may request everything they want about the import, color, genotype, the works! This import also entitles the requester to any type of mutation as well (max of 2).
Rare coat colors and markings are also unlocked though rare eye colors remain locked.

This is the only way to get a foundation AC horse. Imports are otherwise frozen permanently.

Mutations (If desired):
Natural Assassin Horse Customs
Assasin Horse Import: 2013 Edition #3 by PrimalInstincts
Assasin Horse Import: 2013 Edition #1 by PrimalInstincts
Assasin Horse Import: 2013 Edition #4 by PrimalInstincts
This import entitles your to a normal, natural coated AC horse. Requester can request ONE specific variable such a the coat color or type of and placement of Assassin crest or a type of white marking (Like minimum or max white).
(This does not enclude mutations like Warpaint, First Civ, Eagle Insight or Dueling Spurs )

This is the only way to get a foundation AC horse. Imports are otherwise frozen permanently.

Preferred Gender:
Fixed Variable:
Custom Natural Cathaoir Imports
Cathaoir Foal #1- Inferno and Kendi by PrimalInstincts
Custom Cathaoir Female import by PrimalInstincts
Want a Custom Cathaoir? No problem!! Just fill out the following form and send it to me! At the moment I am only allowed to make you guys naturals but I have a Dom Eldorado stud and Grim carrier stud as well.


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